Full Bolt Kit for all the major components on a Mk2 Fiesta XR2, all the bolts are high tensile and zinc plated for a quality finish.Please choose if you require Rear shock bolts with ARB or Standard if you dont have the ARB fitted 

The kit consists of;

-Front Tie Bar Brackets
-Large Tie Bar washers & a nyloc nuts 
-Caliper Carrier Bolts
-Cradle Bolts 
-Front TCA Bolts
-Steering Rack Clamp Bolts
-Steering Coloumn Pinch Bolts
-Front Shock to Hub Bolts
-Ball Joint Assembly Bolts including Pinch Bolts
-Rear Trailing Arm Bolts
-Panhard Rod Bolts
-Bottom Rear Shock to Rear Beam Bolts

Mk2 Fiesta XR2 Full Bolt Kit